Ride the Wave

The Flat & Calm Space…

Imagine a wave. The first part of a wave forming is the calm edges of the water where we normally dip our feet! There’s a moment of pause before the water is pulled back in the starting phase of a wave.
This flat and calm ‘space’ is where we should take the opportunity to really consider exactly what we want our lives and businesses to be like once we have entered the upward curve and experience as we surf our way through our future.
Before we can really proceed to achieve our goals, we need to know what our goals are. This means when we’re pulled back into the rising waters, we can float to the top and ride the wave!

You First

Before you can even begin to plan out your future and look ahead, you must first focus on the present and on yourself.
You cannot take care of another, if you have not first taken care of yourself.
It can be easy to get pulled into your working life completely and forget to look after yourself. Certain habits should be avoided if possible, such as:

  • Feeling guilty for resting.
  • Placing productivity before health.
  • Thinking your self-worth is largely based on doing well in your career.

Be Prepared for Rough Waters

No matter how much we prepare and plan, life is bound to surprise us somehow! Sometimes these surprises can be good, and they push us into full positivity! Other times, we might go through a challenging period but it’s all about growth.
No matter the scenario, as long as you realise that life can (and will) happen, you can push through any barrier! This is why it’s important to take care of yourself first, so that when you are faced with something unexpected you are already grounded enough to move through it.
And never be afraid to ask for help, or take a moment to get yourself back on your feet!

Ride the Wave!

Imagine the exhilarating feeling of surfacing again and riding the wave of success!
It is attainable for any of us, as long as we put everything in place in the calm phase. Take care of you, decide future plans for you and your business, prepare for challenging times ahead and tackle them head on!