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We’re a small family run business that genuinely care about helping business owners (both big and small) grow and become successful in their business.

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We are here to support you on your journey as a business owner! We're always just a phone call or email away and will always respond to you as quickly as possible. We'll work on all the professional stuff, making sure your books are up to date and you're compliant with deadlines, but we'll also be here for the real-life stuff too. You can depend on us!

We’re... Positive

We believe in staying positive no matter how difficult the situation may be. There is so much to learn from the tough times and you're never alone for them. We will be your sunshine on a cloudy day and we are your biggest fans - ready to celebrate your successes.

We’re... Dedicated

As a business owner, you have a lot more to focus on than just your finances. We understand that your head can't be in it all the time - but ours can.  We dedicate a lot of our time to researching new software that will help make your bookkeeping easier and more efficient for you as well as easier to understand so you get a real insight into your business.

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Right from my early days I knew I wanted to be of service to business owners, assisting with organisational matters. I love solving problems, so the combination of admin management and bookkeeping is always right up my street!

From a rather daunting position back in 2010, this 'phoenix' has arisen and grown beyond all expectations and is loving both work and life! Starting work in my teens as an admin receptionist for the local council to running a radio station in Nepal before I had kids. I seem to thrive with an uncompromising hunger to always be the best I can be when helping others to overcome their obstacles in both life and work. Bookkeeping came to me through a learning experience, which I grasped and ran with. I qualified and am a member of the International Association of Bookkeepers. 

Outside of work I'm quite a 'spiritual' type of person, into yoga, astrology, crystals and love walking out in nature, being with animals and horse riding. If I didn't do what I do, I think I would like to live on a farm... By the sea! 


Bookkeeper and Accountant

Growing up, my brother and I always had an interest in computers and gaming. There was something exciting to me about the possibilities videogames could offer and I enjoyed the teamwork aspect required in the games I liked playing.

Fast forward to post-GCSE's, I qualified from college with an IT diploma and started my first job in sales for a flooring company. One thing lead to another and I took on the challenge of doing the companies bookkeeping whilst also studying a Personal Training degree at college. Fitness is definitely a passion of mine but solving the problems in bookkeeping is too. After meeting my fiancee, we moved to Falmouth for her University degree and I worked at a farm shop doing their bookkeeping before joining mum at That's Ideal part-time. When Gabby graduated in 2018, we made the move to Lancashire where I began full-time work with That's Ideal.

When I'm not working, you can still find me playing videogames, at the gym or at the barbecue.


Marketing and Admin

I joined That's Ideal in 2020 as the Marketing and Admin Assistant, as well as training in bookkeeping. I've always loved to be creative and learn new skills!

Since graduating from Falmouth University with a degree in Film, I have worked in a photography studio, a restaurant and now I've joined Jayne and Neil at That's Ideal! Having a history of working in the creative industry, I understand how the financial side of the business can slip because of deadlines and busy creative minds. Being able to help other creatives stay organised with their bookkeeping is a great feeling.

When I'm not at work, I can often be found playing with makeup or losing myself to a videogame or film. I also have my own business in content creation, making videogame and makeup content! Ask me about starting up a new business, how to book a call with Jayne, or just for a chat about the latest movies on our Instagram account.


“Jayne has quite simply changed the way I operate my business and has helped me take the leap to grow with her guidance, ideas and support.”

Emily - Simply Great Britain

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