Does it always feel like no matter how much you work, there’s still more to be done? When busy periods hit your business, it’s easy to throw out the usual systems in place and try to work through whatever feels the most urgent.

Then it somehow feels like you can never catch up because once the busy period is over, you have the catch-up to do from the work you neglected. Thus begins the vicious cycle of never getting organised again.

This can be even worse if you own or manage multiple businesses. When you can barely keep up with one, how do you keep up with multiple? When one day blurs into the next, it’s difficult to keep on top of even the basic daily tasks you need to do, let alone deadlines.

We work with many clients that run multiple businesses. We understand that you have 101 things to be doing other than your bookkeeping, so we aim to take some weight off of your shoulders and get your books organised. Let us worry about your finances so you can get on with running your business and being able to enjoy your free time.

Because life is for living.
We are always striving to continue to streamline our own processes to further help yours. We dedicate a portion of our time to investigating new technology and software in the everchanging world of accounting and bookkeeping to ensure that your valuable time is not wasted on old processes and out of date software.

How We Can Help You

We admire our clients, many of whom have multiple businesses, for the amount of hard work and effort they put into every day to ensure their business is successful. This is why we love to support each and every client because we aim to be more than just your bookkeeper. We want to be someone you can rely on when the going gets tough and when you need a helping hand to guide you.
Regardless of how messy you might fear that your books are when you get in touch with us, we will set out a plan and establish systems that will help you get organised again, giving you the freedom to focus on the rest of your workload.

Software That Will Help You Save Time


We are proud certified Xero Advisors that stay ahead of of modern accounting trends and new developments to ensure we add value to your business. With Xero, everything will be in one place and you’ll only need to log into one thing to view everything! You can create invoices, check what bills you need to pay and have your bank feed connected to make everything easy. With this kind of organisation, you’ll be able to have great insight into your business.
We will integrate your business seamlessly with Xero, take charge of all of your bookkeeping needs and offer training for you and your staff.

Dext (Prepare with Receipt Bank)

If you struggle to keep your receipts and invoices organised and in one place, or always seem to lose them, we recommend this app for you. We have been using Dext Prepare (formerly known as Receipt Bank) since 2013. The software allows us and you to upload documentation and paperwork via phone app or email forwarding options. Using this software means you have a virtual filing cabinet that keeps everything online! No more printing or physical paperwork. Dext Prepare extracts data and eliminates the time-wasting manual data entry of old. Dext Prepare also effectively integrates with Xero to make bank reconciliation easy and efficient.

Dext (Precision with Xavier)

We also offer health checks to our clients with Dext Precision (formerly known as Xavier). Dext Precision gives us an overall view of our clients finances and allows for data clean-up, compliance checks and activity insights. This means your accounts will be cleaner and you’ll have an accurate overview of your business to pinpoint any problem areas that may need attention.

If any of these apps seem like they could be helpful to you, or you need help organising your businesses finances, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

That’s Ideal
…Because life is for living!

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