Dext and Tripcatcher Updates That You Might Have Missed

Just a quick little post from us to update you on some news in regards to new app updates for Tripcatcher and Dext.



There is a new mobile app due to be released on the 31st March 2021 for both iOS and Android. The app has been rewritten and means that the old Tripcatcher phone app will no longer work after the 31st.

The following instructions are directly from Tripcatcher:

  • Delete your existing Tripcatcher phone app as it will no longer work after the 31st March 2021.
  • Install the new Tripcatcher app from the App and Play Stores;
  • Login to the newly installed Tripcatcher app (using your Tripcatcher web app email address and password);
  • And finally enter any default settings eg. home/office addresses, default reason for business trip, etc.

New App Features
As well as existing features, the new app will include:

  • Favourite places as well as favourite trips;
  • Ability to select route taken from a selection of maps provided by Google;
  • Improved user interface;
  • Improved authorisation of Location Access as required by both iOS and Android.

Additional features are also being worked on to be available soon, including:

  • Automated trip recording;
  • And publishing from the phone app, removing the need to publish from the web app.


On the 8th March, a new update will become available for all users on Android and iOS devices. This update will change the mobile app icon from the Receipt Bank logo to the new Dext logo.
Everything else will remain the same and you can still use your existing usernames and passwords to log in.
If we receive any more updates, we’ll be sure to update our blog with the new information!