How much do we charge? How does this all work?

When it comes to pricing, our system involves you from the start. During a discovery call, we will look to see which of our services will provide what you desire. We understand that too much change too fast can be daunting in business and should the price of all services you’d like be a little above your expectations, we can tailor the spec to suit you and put some of your extras on a road map for future consideration… you will get there!

How Do We Determine Our Pricing?

We do have a minimum monthly fee of £100 + VAT; our fees are based on the number of transactions, size of business and level of service for compliance. Based on actual working and current data, together we build you a bespoke bookkeeping service. No two clients are ever the same so our prices won’t ‘group’ you into a bracket, you simply get what you feel comfortable with and will provide the level of support you need.

We aim for you to be a lifetime client and it’s important our relationship gets off to a flowing start. To enable this we firstly set up a Discovery Call which ensures both of us are a good match and feel comfortable with each other. This is the foundation from which we build the trust for a successful and longstanding service.

What Do We Do?

We are not accountants, we don’t do year-end work but we do some compliance work. For example, Payroll, VAT and CIS submissions along with our regular bookkeeping. These are the ‘must do’ items we can ease the burden on, providing our expertise gained over years of experience and ongoing learning. Some of your fees are reinvested for the success of our future and ultimately yours!

Great bookkeepers are essential to the success of a business. Finances are the cornerstone of a business and smart successful business owners, who have accurate and up to date financial information, are in the ideal position to make important decisions for the continued success of their business.

We do bookkeeping on a daily basis and raise queries frequently whilst these are fresh in your mind and easy to solve. This in turn means that your compliance returns are completed much faster.

What Apps Do We Work With?

We use Xero and Dext for our services as we have found these are the best apps for our clients to be able to keep everything in one place and use on-the-go during busy periods. If you are not currently using these apps and would like to be a client of ours, we can help you in setting these up and offer training for you and your staff to get you up-to-speed seamlessly.

We can provide your Xero subscription which will be added to your monthly fee in line with Xero’s RRPs. We can also provide you with Dext at a discounted price by going through us!

We review fees regularly because businesses are constantly changing and evolving. There might be fluctuations up/down in transaction numbers, new employees or additional services and software costs can vary so we keep a regular check. We will discuss with you before making any changes so we both agree on the scope.

How Do I Pay?

Our fees are paid monthly by Direct Debit using GoCardless, which helps with your cash flow and is quick and simple to set up!

After we have a Discovery Call, we will send you a proposal using Go Proposal. This breaks down all of the costs for you so you can see exactly what you are paying for with full transparency.

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